Sunday, April 27, 2008

Up Against the Call

"Our Father who..."
That's okay for you,
do you know who you're
talking to ?
Let's not quibble
about a man in the middle,
I am the me in
stiff neck hammer head
up against the Call.

Confess the mess. 
If it ain't broke
I'm not using it right,
talking 'bout my heart
it's supposed to be contrite.
Everything He's done for me
I'm taking it in stride,
little lower than the angels
but swelling up with pride.

Would I give a drink of water
to the least of these,
someone's son or daughter
could I heal their disease ?
do you care about that ?
don't scare me like that !

What's designed to connect us
been so blind it dissects us,
we all pretend we'd stand up to a tank
it's only on our knees
we have Someone to thank,
-the original Apostles took it to the bank
-but before the Holy Ghost 
-they're kissing up for rank.

He's the Big Brother man,
the care for each other Lamb,
look to the Lion and
join the race He won and ran.

Unchain the attitude,
show your wife some gratitude,
spare your kids the platitude.
A family's more than photos
ribboned in a box,
there's a key in the Blood we share
pouring through the locks.

Walk this mile in the sandals
we're unworthy to unlatch.
Remember He's the Fisherman
we're the daily catch.

"His Name art in Heaven"
is the game.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Due West

The geese don't know
they're Canadian,
tracking due west over
new growth red tip,
pollen spitting long leaf
and the waterway
of Echo Farm Golf Course.
I've got coffee brewed
for my eldest, who seeks
a wife today.

His Chevy half ton trekking
due west to Atlanta,
tracking a computer connection
from a Kenyan lady.
His alarm is
double past snooze,
the spaniel knows somethings up
even if he isn't yet.

It's first light now,
if this is a promise prepared,
we pray for sure election.
On the road to start a family,
Abraham, Joseph,
there's been some travellin' done.
I hear a zipper
close the duffel bag,
this time it's my

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

San Quentin

Thieves come against locks
on windows, locks on doors.
Your heart can't be stolen
when you give it away.

If your hand be extended,
an inmate befriended,
the crime of isolation
caves in.

At the bars or behind 'em,
lonely is where you find 'em,
the trouble on their faces
is a sin.

We pretend we can't be busted,
convince ourselves we're trusted, but
it's only by His Grace
they let us in.

His Light is not to blind them,
your smile never random,
start by trading places
from within.

Catechism Coins II

The view of the Garden,
from God's windowsill,
has rows of hearts
blossoms of His Will.

Catechism Coins I

Our worship is imperfect
yet He translates it to song.
The treasure trembling in our voices
has been His Kingdom
all along.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sling Song

The fall of a giant
is just a stone's throw away.
It's not the skill of the wind up
when you let go and let God,
the purpose of heaven,
rides on your arm
to the degree you ride
your knees.

A prayer is both weapon
and shield,
rising like incense
with a megaton yield.
Even a mocker
in his midnight of days,
will cross his heart
and hope to die

It's that simple
and more than the simple

Clear your throat
and your conscience,
sing the song of a boy with a sling.

Hurl your heart,
hard and high,
'til it lands
in His Hands.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jamaica Jif

Dawn breaks a robin shell sky,
Achai fruit too high for stones,
twitters, warbles, flute loose
bag of feathered marble notes,
hard shelled insects
stitching the air, 
'til heat
stills all but mango leaves.

Bougainvillea climbs clouds above
hibiscus hide a bus stop,
azuring sea, 
turquoise tin shack,
rolled lavender currency,
hot plate cappuccino, 
sweet Betty cream
dissolves a sugar block.

Perfumed patio, Patois patter
moving forward on the left,
bare feet, bear the weight on the Rock.

Swaying cane sign say,
"Walk good, keep fatalities low."

Hummingbirds and orchids twine
in salute of tangerine nectar.