Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The sweet spot
found the blink of an eye,
infant boy on my shoulder
a full minute longer.

My grampa cha-cha
making sleepy smiles
and training my calves for the
marathon of the next twenty years.

Its grace,
not bloodline, giving
me goosebumps
and burp duty.

I married into functionality,
fill in the blanks,
take the steps
step-fathers take.

Quick, rock back,
I saw my parents dance
once, in fifty years.

What they gave up for us
I want to play over and
over again, before its time
to change my diapers.

Monday, May 21, 2012


guaranteed to miss

The first strawberry picked
a day early,
the chorus entered twelve bars
late. Stare at the sun
you can't see behind the moon screen
of the kitchen window.

A son returns,
a grandson turns 
from a camera flash,
and the anniversary of demise
lands on the calendar again.

Only eternity
outlasts confusion.

The certain heart fills
a certain part of
the puzzle, the outlook
and the in, look like rain
before drizzle.

I put off penning,
the blank page no calmer
than this stage of our lives.

This too is perfect,
no matter the grammar.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


and life making
a boy or a girl.

That moon
pulling oceans
with a head of hair.

The clock can't count
a catcher's mitt
pacing the hall.

Manger, mansion,
Momma, breast,

The name game
and solved.

This day, pink sky
blue plums,
your place in the sun.

Grand schemes,
grand pianos,
grand baby