Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Knee Stain

Drops swell at branch tip
to catch bubble light and, glass like,
wink to the waiting grass.

Even with scrubbing
the new dirt of the strawberry hill
paves the crease in my finger skin.

Between pig pen, and prodigal proof,
I garden with the angel of Eden,
hoping to keep a foot in the gate.

Put down roots, pull up weeds
hoping for another hand
on the wheelbarrow.

Father and Son team,
such a threat to the devil,
such a joy in the spring wet mud.

Monday, March 16, 2015

temperature tutorial

Lake cold is bluer than veins
snaking up ankles, hoping brain
will hop back to beach hot 
and leave the body surfing to braver souls
with seal thick skins.

There's no boards or language for it,
Great Lake breakers
only waist high, chest cold,
jump just right, swell feeling the sand bar
on belly and loose trunks balloon with water
and flap flag flat like so much
mis-named seaweed.

The shiver delicious in summer,
numb and colored lips smiling in towels
too thin, jawbone creaking as if the ice
set in, and way out in the waves,
without a chance of toe tip on the bottom
Pa swims arm over arm as if last night's stars

could follow him against the tide.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tag You're It

When license plates expire
every black and white
is a cop or a skunk.

I slow to hug a truck's front
to hide my tags,
faith and hope
beading beneath the brim
of my baseball cap.

Criminal activity;
ignoring calendars,
fudging checkbooks,
skimping on the cheese
in a work day sandwich.

I insert the receipts for poems
rendered into the ATM,
blank looks from the screen.

C.S. Lewis says other worldly rewards
rhyme with brother, not