Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sound Bite

chamomile yellows low to the shifting
ground, another boot is keeping toes
from knowing what grows below.

the rain is washing blood
the sun wasting time on fresh graves
the wind is way ahead of soundless music.

sirens, bulletins, bullets;
new vocabulary words
at the kindergarten.

smiling through scars
shared meals prepare
to heal survivors

families break bread
stones break windows

poems break into silence.

Friday, November 13, 2015

All Punched Out

Orion's belt unbuckles
above the on ramp
I take home from the night job.

The star warrior and the wage earner
change lanes;  raised club and turn signal
flashing bright.

The black ocean peeks through passing trees.
I don't see what's constant as I drive
home from overtime.

The hero wonders when he can put his arm down
and ride the waves in the mythical moonlight
of California.

My exit's coming up. I'll be home soon,
boots off, legs on the couch.

No need to set the alarm, I'm already ready.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

All That Flitters

follow the finch up seeded branches
the gold flitters in and out the green
it's a day's work eating your weight in the sky

my office window opens to a world too wide
the square peg of punched in time
separated by a pane of glass from the whole

a hummingbird came close to pecking
my workspace color, I nearly tasted
the break neck nectar in his wings

the daydream is my hourly wage
when the New Jerusalem settles down

these bird notes will fill my resume`