Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jamaica Jif

Dawn breaks a robin shell sky,
Achai fruit too high for stones,
twitters, warbles, flute loose
bag of feathered marble notes,
hard shelled insects
stitching the air, 
'til heat
stills all but mango leaves.

Bougainvillea climbs clouds above
hibiscus hide a bus stop,
azuring sea, 
turquoise tin shack,
rolled lavender currency,
hot plate cappuccino, 
sweet Betty cream
dissolves a sugar block.

Perfumed patio, Patois patter
moving forward on the left,
bare feet, bear the weight on the Rock.

Swaying cane sign say,
"Walk good, keep fatalities low."

Hummingbirds and orchids twine
in salute of tangerine nectar.

1 comment:

thomkat said...

Lovely! Gives me that serene feeling inside. i was actually on the verge of falling asleep when ur poem woke me up. i can almost taste,smell,hear what you "verbalised" Absolutely love it!